Monday, January 22, 2018

Managed VoIP Services with CCI Systems

Antiquated to Updated: Making the Most of Your PBX

Author:  Dale Jarvis, Director Managed VoIP Services

Dale Jarvis
Trying to manage voice services within a hotel, with numerous features, functions, and periodic updates can be a challenge requiring a significant time commitment and on-going training for hotel technical staff. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Utilizing a managed service provider to handle your property’s voice needs leaves you and your staff free to focus on the needs of your guests and the other technical needs a property has. CCI’s Managed VoIP Service can offload the burden of managing a hotel’s voice solution from your IT team. Our ability to control the project from the initial planning stages, through the deployment, with on-going support via our 24/7 NOC/Call Center, has brought relief to many hotels and property owners. No more concerns about potential (or imminent) failure of outdated proprietary PBX equipment or the escalating costs of hard to find replacement parts; our solution takes advantage of readily available industry standard components.

To bring this all to life, let’s discuss a recent incident where a Colorado hotel contacted us with an urgent request for a hosted VoIP solution. During the holiday season, the property had experienced an unexpected failure of their dated PBX, leaving the entire property and its guests without voice services. Another vendor was able to implement a temporary solution, which brought limited dial tone to 40 staff members but left 30 other staff and all guest rooms without a dial tone. The limited dial tone availability impacted hotel operations, and the liability of not having 911 service from guest rooms was extremely concerning. Previously, CCI performed a similar installation in the Southwest region of the United States, so we were top of mind when this particular failure occurred. Swiftly a plan was devised, equipment was shipped, and the CCI installation team was headed to Colorado to install a new PBX as part of the hosted voice solution developed. While onsite, over 600 old guest room and back of house phones were replaced and tested and the PMS integration and training of hotel staff was completed. In under 20 days, CCI was able to take a hotel crippled by dated hardware and completely update, train, and manage the new hosted VoIP solution implemented, allowing the property to focus their efforts on driving business.

Today, we’re engaged with this same hotel planning to consolidate PBX operations between them and a neighboring property to handle call routing and staffing efficiencies between both hotels. As a result, resource sharing is expected to reduce operational costs for both properties.

To learn more about CCI’s Managed VoIP services, or to hear more about what other hoteliers are doing within the industry, join the CCI team at the Hilton 2018 Technology Leadership Forum in Houston, TX January 23-25, 2018. During the breakout session on Wednesday afternoon, CCI Director of Managed VoIP Services, Dale Jarvis, will be leading a discussion regarding the significance of a managed voice solution and why it’s significant to ownership. Stop by and visit us in booth # 303 or contact us directly at   

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